10 Most Powerful Militaries In Africa 2019

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Global Fire Power is an organization that is widely known for having a fairly accurate understanding of the militaries in the world. It uses its own calculation system based on the following parameters:Manpower:

Total populations, available manpower, manpower fit-for-service, manpower reaching military age annually, active military manpower, and active reserve military manpower.

Air power:

Total aircraft strength, fighters and interceptors, attack aircraft, transports, trainers, total helicopters, attack helicopters, and serviceable airports.

Army Strength:

Combat tanks, armored fighting vehicles, self-propelled artillery, towed artillery, and rocket projectors.

Naval Power:

Total naval strength aircraft carriers, frigates, destroyers, corvettes, submarines, patrol craft, and mine warfare.

Financial Resources:

Annual defense budgets, external debt, reserves of foreign exchange and gold, and purchasing power parity.

Logistical Resources:

Labor force strength, merchant marine strength, major ports and terminals, roadway coverage, and railway coverage.

Natural Resources:

Oil production, oil consumption and proven oil reserves.


Square land areas, coastline, shared borders, and waterway coverage.

Ethiopia has always been considered powerful militarily; from ancient times to the present.

The country has also had its fair share of wars. The country’s most widely revered victory came during the First Ethio-Italo war, in which Ethiopia became the first African country to defeat a modern European army.

When it comes to her sovereignty, Ethiopia and her multitude of ethnicities and tribes put all their differences aside and unite to fend off any invaders encroaching on her territories.

During recent years, Ethiopia was ranked between the second and third as the most powerful military in Africa.

Recently, though Ethiopia has dropped to the 6th rank according to Global Fire Power.

The following guide will help you understand who the ten most powerful militaries in Africa are and why.

10. Democratic Republic of the Congo 75/136

Democratic Republic of the Congo is ranked 75 out of the 136 countries evaluated.

The FARDC or the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo began its resurgence after the peace agreement brought relative quite to the country.

The Second Congo War saw mass devastation in loss of lives, property, and much more.

The FARDC’s greatest asset is its land forces, which make up for their relatively low air and naval units. Some of their equipment is as follows: 200 battle tanks, 8 attack helicopters, 210 armored fighting vehicles, etc.

The Congo also spends $162,000,000 on its defense budget.

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