Top 10 Artists in Kenya 2019

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This is one of those posts I feel will cause a stir like that one I did with the controversial pastors. Thanks for the nice comments btw; you guys are the best. Anyway, there have been debates about who are the best artists in Kenya right now. Our list is based on facts researched by Research 8020. You can read their report here. So, these are the top 10 artists in Kenya.

Side note, Research 8020 based this research on the artist’s popularity. If your favorite artist isn’t here, chances are they aren’t that popular as you thought they were. Also, this list isn’t limited to genres; expect to see some gospel artists as well

10. Akothee

  • Genre: Secular
  • Best Song: Sweet Love

Love her or hate her; she is making serious moves as an artist. I would be shocked if she wasn’t featured in this list. Currently, Akothee is a flourishing musician with a couple of hit songs to her name. She is also a successful entrepreneur, owning Akothee Safaris – a tours and travels company.

9. Florence Andenyi

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Best Song: Kibali

Florence is a gospel artist, praise and worship leader and also a songwriter. Born and raised in Kibera, she talks about how she is elevating the youth from slum life. Her hit song Kibali, still receives massive radio play time despite it being released in 2014. Good music never fades away.

8. Sanaipei Tande

  • Genre: Secular
  • Best Song: Amina

This talented artist was born and raised in Mombasa where she has always had a desire to pursue music. Her music career eventually had a breakthrough after having a good run as a radio presenter. She has a couple of hits under her sleeve such as Najuta, Kwaheri, Mfalme wa Mapenzi and Amina.

7. Angela Chibalonza

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Best Song: Ebenezer

She might not be with us today but her music lives on for the years to come. Her lively performances and goodwill made her one of the best gospel artists in recent history; despite her not being a native Kenyan. Some of her popular songs include Ebenezer, Kaa Nami and Yahwe Uhimidiwe.

6. Eunice Njeri

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Best Song: Nani kama Wewe

She is an award-winning gospel musician famed for her popular gospel hits Umeniweza, Bwana Yesu and Nani Kama Wewe. She is also a staunch Christian and a praise and worship leader. Her parents aroused her interest in music; her father having a guitar and her mother being a preacher who she used to sing with.

5. Otile Brown

  • Genre: Secular
  • Best Song: Chaguo la moyo

You already know him; be it from his great songs or his questionable controversies with Vera Sidika. Controversial or not; there is no denying that he is taking the Kenyan music industry by storm. He has a handful of hits and he doesn’t seem to stop any time soon. Some of his hits include: Baby love, Chaguo la Moyo and Alivyonipenda.

4. Nyashinski

  • Genre: Secular
  • Best Song: Malaika

He is among the multi-talented rappers in the country with a successful comeback to the music industry. He was a former member of Kleptomaniax music group consisting of Nyashinki, Collo and Roba. What’s particularly interesting about him is that he has loyal fans; good luck trying to diss him. I wouldn’t try it if I were you.

3. Mercy Masika

  • Genre: Gospel
  • Best Song: Mwema

I don’t think Mercy Masika knew that she had a hit song when she released Mwema. Released in 2014, it sky rocketed her music career as a gospel artist to the top. She still releases music with her recent single being He Never Lie but we shall always remember Mwema being the timeless hit it is.

2. Willy Paul

  • Genre: Gospel…Secular…whatever he does
  • Best Song: I do

I may have sounded rude when I couldn’t classify his genre. To be honest, who knows what genre he does today. Well, you can’t hate on his success in the Kenyan music industry. He has lots of hits under his sleeve and boasts of collaborating with international artists. You can’t deny the serious moves he is making.

1. Sauti Sol

  • Genre: Secular
  • Best Song: Melanin

Is anyone surprised to see Sauti Sol here? I’m not. This boy band has taken Kenyan music to new heights never attained before and they deserve all the praise. Ever since they had international recognition with their 2014 song Sura Yako, they have only gotten better. Phenomenal is the word to describe their work.

Do you agree with our list? I know some of you aren’t. Tell us the artist you wanted to see in the list down in the comments section.

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