Top 10 Bizarre Laws That Exist In African Countries

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Just when you thought that the witchcraft article was bizarre enough, these African laws are simply out of this world. What makes these laws worse than the witchcraft cases is that these are actual laws citizens are bound to follow on a daily basis. My only question is do they ever follow up on these laws. Have people been prosecuted for breaking these laws? I don’t know. Anyway, these are the top 10 bizarre laws that exist in African countries.

10. Kenya

There are some crazy by-laws that are in effect in Nairobi County that you should know of. Some of them are just downright crazy. Let’s look at some:

  • It is illegal to be walking around with no money in your pocket. You will be arrested.
  • You could also get into trouble with authorities if you are found unblocking your own drainage. Seriously?


  • It is against the law to swear in public. Yikes, I do curse a lot.
  • It is illegal to make a rude gesture in public. Well, I guess I’ll have to be on my best behavior.

9. Sudan

These laws should be revised because they don’t make sense at all. Let’s just have a look at two of them.

  • If you help someone who was injured in an accident, and they die while you are trying to help them, you can be charged for being partially responsible for their death. Wow, all I wanted was to perform some first aid.
  • Women can be publicly whipped for being the victim of rape. What? Do these people even care for women? First of all, she was raped. Instead of getting the one responsible for this, they punish the victim because she was a victim. Wow.

8. Guinea

If you want to start a new family in Guinea, don’t call your baby girl Monica. I’m not kidding. Don’t believe me? Fine, have a nice time in prison. Btw, I have saved five women called Monica on my phone. Just pointing it out. Not bragging or anything. Just showing concern for their parents if they were actually from Guinea.

7. Ghana

Nigerians beware. There is a law in Ghana which governs how many movies an actor can be in, over a set period of time. Failure to comply will see the actors get arrested and convicted. Wow, I wonder if The Rock would survive in Ghana?


6. Mauritania

It is illegal to renounce Islamic religion. If you refuse to repent within 3 days, you’ll be sentenced to death. Isn’t that a little bit too harsh? I mean doesn’t the constitution allow for freedom of expression?

5. Egypt

Things aren’t any better in Egypt:

  • For starters, it is against the law to attempt to convince citizens to convert to Christianity. There goes your hope of opening a church there.
  • A rapist can avoid being imprisoned by marrying the woman that he raped. Uhm…


  • It is illegal for males to belly dance in Egypt. Why would a man try to belly dance? I know some men would but why?


  • Not voting is punishable with fine or imprisonment. This is actually counter-intuitive if you think about it.

4. Somalia

It is illegal to carry old chewing gum by sticking it to the tip of your nose. Okay, who does that? I might be asking the wrong question so let me rephrase: Who in their right mind would ever do that?


3. Malawi

Someone from Malawi needs to confirm this to me because it doesn’t sound right. So, you can be charged for farting in public in Malawi. Hey, it happens. Besides, farting is healthy but it can be a nuisance if done in public so I kind of get them.


2. Swaziland

It must suck to be a woman in Swaziland:

  • A woman that is seen wearing pants/trousers in Swaziland, can be punished by having the pants ripped off of her and torn into pieces by soldiers. That’s giving the soldiers too much power, who knows what they might do next.
  • It is illegal for young girls to shake hands with men in Swaziland. So much for a guy trying to shoot his shot.

1. Morocco

There are so many weird laws in Morocco and some of them will anger some of you (I’m already triggered).

  • It is illegal to have sex with anyone you are not married to. This is actually a good law that curbs cheating outside of wedlock. Also, adultery is punishable with imprisonment. Good luck trying to be a player.
  • It is against the law to import religious materials that are not related to Islam. I mean, it is an Islam country so they can get away with it.
  • It is against the law to discuss Jesus Christ with any citizens of Morocco. Hi, Jehovah Witness.
  • If you are with a friend that is caught with drugs, you will also be arrested. How was I to know that he was in possession of drugs?

Wow. It must be a nightmare for most of us to live in Morocco.

What other bizarre laws do you know of? Let us know in the comments below.

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