Top 10 Least Educated African Presidents 2019

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When you hear someone is a president of any country, especially an African country, you expect the individual to be well educated. I mean, it’s expected of them in the constitution. However, some individuals seem to have bypassed that rule and are proudly running their countries with the little education they attained. I may sound harsh but it’s true. Let’s look at the top 10 least educated African presidents.

10. Denis Sassou-Nguesso

  • Country: Republic of Congo

He has been the president of the Republic of Congo since 1997. Denis was educated at a teacher’s college in Dollsie. Soon after, he received military training between 1961 and 1963 at the officers’ of Cherchell in Algeria and at the Infantry Academy in Saint-Maixent, France.

9. Joseph Kabila

  • Country: Democratic Republic of Congo

Joseph’s only known academic certification is a High School Certificate. He has otherwise received training at the PLA National Defence University in Beijing, China and followed a military curriculum in Tanzania then at Makerere University. He’s basically a qualified military personnel.

8. Isaias Afwerki

  • Country: Eritrea

Isaias’ situation is quite interesting. He was actually a good student, passing his final year exams in high school thus gaining admission to Addis Ababa University. However, he dropped out as he decided to join the Eritrean liberation struggle. That was a bold move; leaving your studies all in the name of democracy. Look where it has got him now, he’s Eritrea’s first and only president.

7. Abdelaziz Bouteflika

  • Country: Algeria

Algeria’s longest serving president successively attended three schools in Oudja: Sidi Ziane, El Hoceinia, and Abdel Moumen High Schools, where he reportedly excelled academically. He received his militarily education at the École des Cadres in Dar El Kebdani, Morocco.

Side note, Abdelaziz resigned last month.

6. Paul Kagame

  • Country: Rwanda

Paul was a good student, graduating with good grades from Rwengoro Primary School. His performance declined when his father died in the early 1970s and had a tendency to fight those who belittled Rwandan people. He completed his high school studies without distinction at Old Kampala Secondary School.

5. Muhammadu Buhari

  • Country: Nigeria

Buhari’s highest level of education is secondary school. He attended primary school in Daura and Mai’adua before proceeding to Katsina Model School in 1953 and to Katsina Provincial Secondary School (now Government College, Katsina) from 1956 to 1961.

4. Omar Hassan Ahmad al-Bashir

  • Country: Sudan

Bashir was born into a peasant family that later moved to Khartoum; where he received his secondary education. He then joined the army. He studied at a military college in Cairo and fought in 1973 with the Egyptian army against Israel.

Did you know that he is no longer president? The military ousted him last month. I thought you should know.

3. Ismail Omar Guelleh

  • Country: Djibouti

In his youth, Guelleh attended a traditional Islamic school, and entered the civil service in 1968, when it was still under French colonial administration. He is a high school dropout as he moved out to Djibouti from Ethiopia before completing his studies.

2. Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz

  • Country: Mauritania

Aziz doesn’t actually have any academic certification; only military training. Well, that should encourage people who don’t really want to study. Aziz joined the Royal Military Academy of Meknes, Morocco in 1977 and that’s it. His military training played a key role in suppressing an attempted coup in June 2003 and a military uprising in August 2004.

1. Salva Kiir Mayardit

  • Country: South Sudan

Salva Kiir joined the military at a tender age and is not known to have received any form of formal education. Look at him now, president of South Sudan.

What should we learn from this article? Secondary education is enough, you’ll increase your chances of being a president. Or join the military. Don’t take me seriously.

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