Top 10 Most Purchased Cars in Kenya

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There was this advert some time back by Toyota which said that the car in front of you is always a Toyota. I found the advert hilarious and relatable. 9/10 cars you see on the road is always a Toyota. Known for their reliability on African roads, they are the most popular car brand in the continent.

This post would easily be considered a Toyota Exclusive list but other car brands are quite common on the road. Don?t be fooled though, Toyota is still dominating the list.

1. Toyota Probox

Why do people love this car? It lacks that aesthetic appeal and it certainly doesn?t come with all the modern car essentials.? But, it is reliable. Selling at affordable prices (starting at Ksh 510,000*), the cars have become a popular sight on the African roads. This is especially true in Kenya. If I had a dollar for every time I saw a Probox, I would be topping the Forbes list.

2. Toyota Vitz

This compact car is suitable for metropolitan areas due it?s size and maneuverability. However, they will fall short if you try to drive them in rough terrains. Safe to say you shouldn?t take it past its capabilities or you will be making regular visits to the mechanic.

Prices starting at Ksh 685,000*, the car has been considered a lady?s car. Men who are seen driving the car are criticized because of popular opinion. You can?t beat popular opinion.

3. Toyota Noah

Considered as the ideal family car in Africa, the car is known for its ample space for the whole family (including a few relatives). It?s also considered as the ideal travel car, provided the car is well-maintained.

Prices start at Ksh 1,400, 000*.

4. Toyota Premio

A popular car among the lower middle income class, it serves all the needs for metropolitan citizens and can also maneuver through some rough terrains. It?s entry price is quite affordable (Ksh 1,550,000), the aesthetics are sleek and it is reliable.

5. Subaru Impreza

There is something about the Subaru Impreza. Guys who own this car are car enthusiasts who will talk nonstop about horsepower, torque and engines. They are also the guys who are more likely to customize their cars, Need for Speed style.

Known for having loud exhaust noises, these cars are a common sight among the young demographic. You will still see guys in the middle 30s driving it here and there. Jeremy Clarkson has a name for guys who love such cars; yobos.

No offense, I?m just stating facts here. The cars, however are affordable with prices beginning at Ksh 1,000,000*.

6. Toyota Land Cruiser

If you ride around residential areas full of wealthy guys, this is the most common car you will see. Wealthy people tend to go for exotic cars but the Land Cruiser has been accepted as the gold standard because of its ample space, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Who doesn?t want to reduce their expenditure? (Prices do start at Ksh 8,000,000*)

It is also a favorite pick with most politicians. There is a common belief that owning this car initiates you into the class of the privileged few but I don?t think you can measure your degree of success with the car you drive. That, however, is a discussion for another day.

7. Isuzu NQR

You might know them as matatus or nganyas, depending on the level of customization of the vehicle. These minibuses are a common sight to see on the road and have been reported to be a menace.

However, they serve as the most common form of transport to and from places. Investors in the matatu industry are reported to make a lot of money and you can be guaranteed that they will only increase in number.

8. Toyota Fielder

Another popular choice among the middle class earning citizens, the Fielder acts as a family car with 7 seats offered. It?s affordable price (Ksh 1,000,000*) also makes it a worthy consideration for most people and have proved to be reliable on the roads.

9. Toyota Mark X

What if you want to own a Toyota but you still want to stand out on the highway? The Mark X is the right car for you. Despite its higher price (Entry price of Ksh 1,600,000*) compared to other vehicles on this list, the car just looks and feel classy. It?s a complete car by all means; it?s pretty fast, comes with all the car essentials, and it looks classy.

Seeing it everywhere on the roads is a good indicator that people are earning good money in today?s economy.

10. Toyota Corolla

Before the Probox became a hit, this was the car to buy. It satisfied many people?s needs and it had a better aesthetic compared to the Probox. It?s still a common car to see on the road but it?s popularity has significantly reduced. One thing we can?t deny is how reliable the car is for many citizens.

Did we leave out any popular car driven on the African roads? Let us know in the comments section.

*All prices listed in this post was obtained from Cheki Online Store.

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