Top 10 Properties Owned by William Ruto

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Kenya’s current deputy president, William Ruto, has gone on record to declare himself as a hustler. Indeed, he is one serious hustler as he owns lots of properties which are worth millions. Some are actually worth billions. How about we have a look? Here is a list of the top 10 properties owned by William Ruto.

10. Osere Flats

Osere flats
  • Net Worth: $5 million

The 72-unit flat apartment became known to the public eye when reports indicated that Legend Management Ltd had rented out units to the officers for an annual sum of Sh16 million. The contract was to run three years from December 12, 2017 to December 7, 2020 but a directive by the president late last year to cancel rent deals to police officers was issued.

9. Sugoi Farm

Sugoi Farm
  • Net worth: $7.5 million

In this 50 acre farm, the deputy president carries out poultry farming, dairy farming and bee keeping. Some reports indicate that he has as many as 1000 cows which produce 35 litres of milk every day on average. You can do the math.

It is also reported that the DP and his wife Rachel have thousands of chicken some of which they imported from India. The Indian breed includes Kuroiler, a dual purpose chicken from which they collect at least 2,500 eggs every day. Again, do the math; these are serious numbers.

8. Amaco Insurance

Amaco Insurance
  • Net worth: $10 million

The Deputy President has major shares at the Africa Merchant Assurance Company (AMACO). It is a general insurance firm which was formed to offer different types of insurance services to merchants. The company provides products such as Travelling Insurance, Merchant Commercial, Burglary Insurance, Consequential Loss, Contractors All Risks, Public Liability, and Professional Indemnity, among other services.

7. Oseng Properties Limited

  • Net worth: $10 million

You would think that this is a ghost company; because there is little to almost no information about it. All that we could find is that it is a real estate company, which explains it is valued at such a high amount of money. Other than that, we know the company has been in existence since his tenure as Eldoret North Member of Parliament.

Good luck trying to google the company.

6. He owns Four Choppers

Airbus H145
  • Net worth: $12 million

Yes, he owns four helicopters. Some reports suggest five, others seven, but we only got information of four of them with their prices. They are as follows:

  • Airbus H145: Price $10 million
  • Two Eurocopter AS350B3e: Price $1 million
  • Eurocopter EC130B4: Price $1 million

5. Uasin Gishu residence

Uasin Gishu Residence
A “leaked” photo of the residence
  • Net worth: $12 million

This palatial home sits on 20 acres of the 700 acres owned by the DP in Moiben constituency, Uasin Gishu county. The residence has a library, gym, man made lake and a private airstrip for his choppers. Administration police provide 24 hours security on the property of Kenya’s second most powerful man.

4. Easton Apartments

Easton Apartments
  • Net worth: $15 million

This is another apartment which is alleged to have been sold to police officers. The apartment is located along Jogoo road and is facing a lot of scrutiny by the public eye. It is also one of the apartments that was reported to have been affected by the president’s directive to cancel lease deals to police officers.

3. Orterter Enterprises Limited

  • Net worth: $25 million

Just like Oseng Properties, nothing much is known about the company. It is said to also venture into the real estate business. One question; how does a company valued at this kind of money be so anonymous?

2. Weston Hotel

Weston Hotel
  • Net worth: $25 million

The four-star Weston Hotel, has been subject to many controversies in the past couple of years. From reports of the hotel standing on grabbed land to the hotel being not sanitary for local and international guests during a recent cholera outbreak.

1. 680 Hotel

680 hotel
  • Net worth: $3 million

Mr Ruto is understood to have acquired the popular 10-storey 680 Hotel in the heart of the city in 2017 at Ksh3 billion. It is popular with budget customers and attracts a good number of foreign clients especially from within Eastern and West Africa because of its lower prices compared to the five-star hotels in this neighbourhood such as Sarova Stanley, Intercontinental, Hilton and Laico Regency.

The 10-storey Sentrim 680 Hotel also boasts seven conference halls with a combined capacity of 1500 delegates. The main guest area consists of the reception, lounge area, coffee shop, Casino, Gift shop, Restaurant and the recently opened Sentropé Bar and Lounge.

What do you think? Hustler or nah? Let us know in the comments below.

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