Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Moses Wetangula

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As I write this, the Bungoma Senator is one of the people suspected to have played a part in the fake gold scandal. This has sparked outrage from Kenyans after an audio clip was leaked on the internet. It seems like we didn’t know Moses Wetangula that well. Question is; what else don’t we know about him? Here are the top 10 things you didn’t know about Moses Wetangula

10. He schooled at Friends School Kamusinga

Wetangula attended Nalondo Primary School for his primary education. He later joined Busakala Secondary School, Teremi Secondary School, and Friends School Kamusinga.  FSK, as it is popularly known, is among the top national schools in the region. The Senator later joined the University of Nairobi.

9. He is a lawyer by profession

Moses Wetangula

Believe it or not, he is one. He is a holder of a  Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from UoN. Moses has been practicing law for years before he joined the political arena. He is still a lawyer although he has not been active in the courtroom.

8. He hails from a political family

Wetangula family has been active in the political arena. He is the brother of Tim Wanyonyi, Westlands MP. Fred Wetangula, his other brother is a powerful Nairobi businessman.

7. His less known former public positions

Other than being an MP, Senator and a minister of the government, he has held several other previous public positions which include that of a magistrate and the chairman Electricity Regulatory Board. 

6. His political career began as a nominated MP

Moses Wetangula

Moses Wetangula began his political career as a nominated member of parliament for KANU, the ruling party then, in 1992 and served up to 1997. He was then elected into the National Assembly in the December 2002 elections.

5. He was once stranded

Yes, this actually happened in March 2012. Moses was the Foreign Affairs Minister at the time. What happened is that he was in Bamako, Mali with a few other government officials. Unfortunately for him, this was the worst time for him to visit the capital city as there was a coup ongoing in the country.

He was forced to stay in the hotel he was in until a proper channel for him to leave the country was established. Shortly after he returned, Kibaki shuffled his cabinet. Wetangula left his post as Foreign Minister and became the Trade Minister.

4. Tokyo Embassy Scandal

Wetangula left his ministerial post on 27 October 2010 due to an ongoing investigation on his alleged involvement in the Kenyan Tokyo embassy scandal. It was alleged that instead of accepting free property from the government of Japan for the embassy, 1.6 billion shillings was withheld from the sale of Kenyan property in Nigeria and used to buy a less suitable property.[

The late George Saitoti served as acting foreign minister during Wetangula’s absence. He was absolved of the allegations and returned to the ministry in August 2011, though he permanently left the position a few months later to successfully contest for the position of Senator for Bungoma County.

3. Another scandal

Moses Wetangula

It seems Moses Wetangula isn’t new to have scandals. This time, the BBC implicated in a bribery scandal involving tobacco manufacturer BAT. The British Broadcasting Corporation journalist, Richard Cookson, said that he used the software provided by Apple to verify the authenticity of emails exchanged between BAT officials and beneficiaries of the tribes.

Guess what? Mr. Wetangula’s name appeared in some of the emails. Moses, in typical Kenyan fashion, sued the broadcaster for defamation and sought damages by insisting the story damaged his reputation. I wonder how it did since he is the Senator of Bungoma County.

2. His wives

Moses Wetangula has several wives. The first wife is Phyllis Wetangula but he does not live with her. The second one is a Bukusu lady who he married under the Bukusu traditional rites. He had a child with her but neglected her forcing her to seek the court’s orders to have him support the wife and their two children.

The third wife is Anne Wacheke Ngugi who was recently accused of battering her husband Moses Wetangula and accounts of his infidelity. Speaking of that case…

1. That battering

The Daily Nation reported that investigations were underway to establish a case filed by Mr Wetangula; who claimed to have suffered physical harm during the ordeal at the couple’s house.

“Hon Moses Wetang’ula, a resident of Mahungu Court along Karabon Road in Nairobi, came to the station and reported having been assaulted by his wife on February 18, 2016 at around 9:30pm at their home in Karen.
“He said he had been accused by his wife Ann of infidelity. That is when, according to him, his wife became furious and attacked him. As a result, he said he sustained injuries on his head, left hand, left leg. He was treated at Karen hospital and issued with a P3 form,

Lang’ata Police Report

What made things even interesting was that the wife separately filed an assault case to the police against her husband. The question remains, what really happened? Did he strike first only to realize he brought a knife to a gun fight? Who knows?

What other things do you know about Moses Wetangula? Let us know in the comments section.

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