Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sho Madjozi

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When you see the name Sho Madjozi, you immediately think of her song John Cena. The song itself has a dance challenge and John Cena himself has been seen dancing to it. Let’s just say, Sho Madjozi is having an international breakthrough in her music career.

The real question is, do you know anything else about her other than her hit song? Here are the top 10 things you didn’t know about Sho Madjozi.

10. Her Real Name and Early Life

Sho was born as Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif on the 9th of May, 1992 in Elim Hospital, Limpopo Province in South Africa. She lived in a village known as Shirley in Limpopo Province before moving to Polokwane which was then known as Tshwane. Sho Madjozi’s father is white while her mother is Tsonga. She identifies herself as a Tsonga in her music as she raps in XiTsonga.

9. Her Travelling Experience

She had the privilege to explore the African content at a young age because of her father’s work nature which meant he had to travel far and wide. Sho traveled with him to Tanzania when he got an opportunity to work for Oxfam. That’s how she got to learn the Swahili language. She even uses it in some of her songs like John Cena and Huku.

According to Briefly, the time spent in Tanzania coupled with her stay in Senegal and studying in the US helped her to love and understand her continent and also shape her view of Africa.

8. She has a Bachelor’s Degree

Sho gained admission to Mount Holyoke College on scholarship in the USA where she completed her Bachelor of Arts degree program majoring in African Studies and Creative Writing.

7. Her writing days

After completing her degree, she returned to South Africa and got a writing opportunity at the Institute of Advanced Studies. It is also said that she was already pursuing a goal in becoming a ghostwriter.

That went well didn’t it?

6. How she got her stage name

Her stage name, Sho Madjozi, is based on inspiration from Vivian Majozi, a fictional character in a South African drama series, Generations.

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5. Her other nickname

Before music became a big part of her life, she was into poetry. Some of her work dealt with themes like politics, identity, and racism. She would be referred to as Maya The Poet during this time of her life.

4. Acting career

Let’s just summarize the facts so far. She is educated, traveled the world, a poet, an artist, and an actor. Talk about multi-talent. Sho took up an acting role on Mzansi Magic’s Isithembiso. Her role was that of Tsakane Mboweni, a radical student activist.

3. Marginalization motivated her music career

Sho has often raised the fact that her Tsonga culture and language are constantly discriminated against. This is the reason why she raps in Tsonga in her songs.

My mission is to try and imagine what a young African girl would be without the interruption of colonialism and apartheid

2. Everything about John Cena

I don’t think Sho Madjozi had any idea that John Cena would become a big hit as it is right now. The song first gained recognition when she performed the song at COLOR’s YouTube channel. At that time, the song was yet to be released.

As of today (13th October 2019), the video has over 4 million views, a dance challenge, a final release of the song, and John Cena dancing to the song.

1. Her unique hairstyles

As mentioned earlier, Sho Madjozi uses Tsonga in her music. This is also true for her fashion sense as she is unapologetically proud of her culture and has been known for performing with traditional wear.

Her hairstyles are influenced by the Fulani and Tuareg women. Her unique braid look seemed to become a trend back in 2016 in South Africa. Given her breakthrough with John Cena, it won’t be a surprise to see more women having the same hairdo.

What else do you know about Sho Madjozi? Let us know in the comments below.

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