Top 5 African Countries Where Women Bleach Their Skin

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It’s funny how some Africans aren’t proud of their natural skin. For most sub-Saharan Africans, their native skin color is black. Women, however, seem not to embrace it and opt for means to lighten their complexion. There are several reasons why women opt to “bleach” their skin: being more attractive to men, a sense of privilege or economic status. Women like Lupita Nyong’o have been spreading the message about embracing natural skin but women in these countries seem not to get it. These are the top 5 African countries where women bleach their skin.

All information is provided by World Health Organization.

5. Mali

25% of women use skin bleaching products in the country. That means 5 million out of the estimated 20 million bleach their skins. It gets worse; men are also jumping into the bandwagon. The government has tried to put efforts to make importing of the products illegal but people somehow still have access to them.

4. Senegal

The country, since 2015, has seen a rise in the number of bleaching creams that flood the market from other countries like Mali. In 2017, Senegalese cosmetic doctors appealed to the government to ban bleaching products with concerns that the number of women suffering from skin diseases related to bleaching has increased. Bleaching cases are estimated to be among 27% of the women’s population.

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3. South Africa

35% of South Africa’s population makes use of the skin lightening products. A recent study by the University of Cape Town suggests that one woman in three in South Africa bleaches her skin. Local artists have been noted to use these products and claim that they feel “more confident” about themselves. Well, that’s one way of misguiding fans who look up to you.

2. Togo

The World Health Organization report indicates that 59% of the female population in Togo are practicing skin bleaching. Using traditional and harmful means, several women in Togo have contracted severe skin disorders, cancers and have even died out of the desire for a lighter skin tone.

1. Nigeria

The West African country tops the list with an astonishing 77% of the women’s population making use of these products. Jeez. Things certainly got worse when American socialite Blac Chyna made a visit to the country to promote skin lightening products. Basically, bleaching is a common thing in Nigeria.

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