Top 5 Kenyan Women who Age like Fine Wine In 2019

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Kenya is a county that is blessed women . There are women who have beaten the taste of age and are looking as fabulous as ever. This women have shown us resilience and shear beauty all through the years. Well they say black doesn’t crack. Here is a list of women who look so fine you will think they are teens:

5. Kobi Kihara

This lass is undoubtedly so beautiful. She is a talented media personality who is 37 years of age, Amazing!! Kobi has it all a career that she followed up until it was a success. We could describe Kihara as multi- talented. The beautiful girl is a photographer, producer and a TV host. The journey belong time ago and to this date in 2019 we are celebrating? Kobi with an eye. We love you Kobi keep shining wherever you are girl.

4. Piera Makena

This is a phenomenal woman who has beaten all traditions and obstacles to be the star she is today. For a long time Piera was the only or say among the few female Djs. Makena has in fact paved way for other? female Djs to feel like they can do it. She is now a mother and still her beauty gives us a run for our money. Dj Pierra is 37 years old. If this is how 37 looks then we all want to be thirty seven.

3. Sheila Mwanyinga

The ever stunning lady is a beauty to behold. She has been a Kenyan sweetheart for the longest time possible and we haven’t had enough of her yet. Mwanyinga’s beauty gets better with age just fine wine. Sheila is a media personality who is multi-talented. Now a YouTube sensationalist and an advocate for change. The lass’s age is not known but she first appeared on Television in 1997 and she has been in the game for over 15 years now. Beautiful Sheila can not be less than 35 years but her looks say she could be 17.


2. Caroline Mutoko

The lass is a strong woman with both beauty and wonderfully inspiring brains. The Former Kiss Radio presenter has made a name for herself with her powerful voice and eloquence. She is a voice to recon with. The amazing things that Carol has done are countless. Mutoko is a mother of one and she has been the voice of the voiceless and a truth bearer. Caroline is 44 years of age and yes 44 really does look good.

1. Kalekye Mumo

This is the lady you hear and you are all smiles. Don’t get it twisted she is bold and beautiful but the side we know and love is the bubbly her. Kalekye is a TV host and Radio presenter. She is really good at what she does and she continues to better herself. Mumo lost weight as she was turning 40 and she looks gorgeous. The lass is now 43 years of age. Can you imagine?

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