Top 5 Most Controversial Kenyan Celebrities in 2019.

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they say whether bad or good publicity is publicity. Some Kenyan celebrities take every word of that and run with it. They have made headlines this year with the controversies that they carry around. Getting our popcorn and watching the drama unfold is always a pleasure. Even when they get to go head to head with fans who disapprove of their ways. Here is your list:

5. Bahati

It is unfortunate the events that have been unfolding this year. Bahati has had a fall out with Mr Seed and they took the fight to social media. After which many people joined in to call the wife Diana Marua the trouble maker. Almost all the artists signed to the label EMB records left. Many have cold him rude and arrogant and he has been urged to remember where he came from.

4. Willy Paul

Well, Well how could this list be complete without the father of all scandals? You know i feel he flourishes in all the attention the controversies bring his way. This year Kenyans have been calling his music bluff and have wanted him to state his grounds. Whether gospel or secular. A famous Kenyan Mogul Jua Kali joined the rest of Kenyans and welcomed him to the secular world. His newest collaboration with Rayvanny has been received well but he cant take a win he is all over posting shirtless photos and videos of women twerking.

3. Ringtone Apoko

A gospel musician who everyone is talking about this but unfortunately not for ‘tenda wema’. Actually he has been doing a little of that and much of the opposite which is causing trouble. He is a self proclaimed exposition-er of scandals. He did with the Bahati- Mr seed and was caught up with the calling out of Willy Paul and Also the impregnating of a lady who exposed him on Xtiandela’s Toboa app.

2. Cyprian Nyakundi

Nyakundi has become an household name name now. Women though, are not happy with the course he runs for. He has been called the advocate of the boy child and that is definitely not the reason we have a problem with him. Cyprian is known for bushing successful women and claiming that they have slept around to get to the top of the ladder. The gospel he preaches is the place of women is home and not never to be heard. Kenyans though came to the rescue of Akothee, Betty Kyalo and many other targets of Cyprian’s attack.

  1. Akothee

The mother of five and successful Artist cum business lady has always made the headlines. The lass lives loud and big and that seems to always attract criticism from the online trolls. Recently She found herself having to explain why she performed with her legs wide open. Ezekiel Mutua said someone should get that woman some clothes. Akothee ni nani she dared them to call police. The Instagram videos and posts she made are hilarious you should check them out. Following the call police challenge famous comedians like Njeri and Eric Omondi made very funny clips too.

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