Top 5 Most Popular Smartphones used in Africa 2019

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Thanks to the launch of the iPhone in 2007 and the release of Android Operating System as an open source code, mobile technology has seen an exponential growth over the last decade. A smartphone is essential in today?s world as it has introduced new ways to interact with people and make people?s lives easier.

Of course, everyone would want to use the top of line brands such as Apple?s iPhone with its eye-watering prices (thanks to inflation) or the latest flagship devices from various phone makers. Africans, however, prefer using a device that could do all the tasks an iPhone could do but at a lower price. This has seen phone brands investing in the continent and we are seeing budget smartphones getting better with time. So, who holds the lion’s share in the market?

Techjaja, a tech-based blog did their research and ranked these brands as the top selling vendors.

1. Samsung

Without question, Samsung did their homework when they decided to invest in Africa before other brands thought of doing so. Thanks to their clever strategy, they have been able to dominate the mid-range smartphone market (J and A Series) and still offer flagship devices (S and Note Series) to people who are willing to pay the price. Simply put, if you want a good and affordable smartphone, Samsung is the best brand to go with.

Samsung smartphone sales claim a 23% share of the entire market.

2. Techno

 Their aggressive marketing of their Camon and Spark devices at affordable prices has seen Tecno Mobile capture 18% of the market share. This also shows the company?s willingness to provide quality products to the market share; something they had trouble doing in their early years.

With the Camon series boasting of great quality portrait and selfie photos, this would make any social media enthusiast to consider the brand.

3. Itel

Known for their good batteries and selfie cameras, Chinese smartphone brand Itel is making a name for itself in the African market. It ties with Tecno by holding an 18% share of the smartphone market. What?s even remarkable is the great value you get from their products.

Take for example of the A32F, which comes with a fingerprint scanner and it only costs $60. That?s a good deal for anyone who doesn?t want to dig deep into their pockets.

4. Huawei

This company introduced itself to the market with the Ideos back in 2010. Remember that device. Despite their long tenure in Africa, they only hold a 7% market share. Rival companies like Itel, which joined the market later, have surpassed their market share.

The company is currently refreshing their Y-series lineups with bezel-less HD screens at affordable prices. Yes, they do look like an iPhone but hey, it gets the job done.

5. Infinix

Established in 2012, Infinix has quickly climbed the ladder to become one of the preferred smartphones to use. Having phones such as the Note 5 which runs on pure android gives other phone brands a run for their money. It holds a 7% share of the market, tying with Huawei.

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