Top 5 Sports Betting Sites in Africa

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There is no denying that there has been an explosion of betting in African countries which has, in one way or another, been attributed to the love of football. The young demographic comprise of the highest population of betting and the number only seems to be growing.

Other factors such as the high unemployment rate and the mainstream use of smartphones have contributed to the high rate of betting among the youth. Some just play for the fun of it by trying their luck while others are making a living out of it.

Kenya and Nigeria seem to be the top two sports betting countries in Africa. With the highest number of users coming from their respective big cities (Nairobi and Lagos), more betting companies are trying their luck into the ever-growing market. We, however, are not going to look at all the registered betting companies; only the top dogs dominating the African market.

1. Bet9ja

Launched in 2013, the platform has been able to attract players from Nigeria and other African countries. Users prefer Bet9ja because of the 100% first deposit bonus of up to 100,000 Naira ($280). This makes their offers irresistible to newcomers who are looking to try their luck in placing bets.

Popular sports to pick in the website include football, tennis, basketball, baseball, American football, rugby, ice hockey and many more. One can also participate in Live Betting where thousands of wagers are placed every 10 minutes.

It is easily accessible via its own app on the Play Store.

2. Nairabet

Considered as an alternative to Bet9ja, Nairabet is a popular betting platform in Nigeria and other African countries. While it doesn?t offer any bonuses for new users, they have interesting promotions which run every Monday called Monday Funding Madness. It works by giving the user a 10% bonus of up to 50,000 Naira ($140).

The main focus of the platform is football. While other sports are included, their emphasis is mainly put on popular football leagues such as the Premier League, La Liga and BundesLiga.

Unlike Bet9ja, Nairabet is available on both iOS and Android platforms.

3. Sportpesa

It is one of the largest online bookmarkers in East Africa with over 1 million registered players; majority of them being from Kenya. Sportpesa also has customers from all over the continent and has decided to invade the European market thanks to sponsorship deals with Premier League Football clubs such as Arsenal and Everton.

Instead of trying to add as many sports and events as possible, the company focuses on the popular sports in the world. This makes placing wages on the platform a straight-forward affair but serious gamblers would argue that they are only offered limited options.

What makes Sportpesa so attractive are the odds offered in the platform. While they do not offer a first deposit bonus, you can definitely find the best prices there.

The mobile app is only available for android devices.

4. Betin

This betting platform is quite popular for its huge variety of gambling products; from live bets to virtual betting. It is home to more than 20 sports including football, tennis, basketball, American football and rugby.

While it does not offer a welcome bonus, it has an attractive offer by adding Ksh 10 to your account when you deposit Ksh 99 or more. Who doesn?t love some free cash. The incentive has encouraged players to continue placing their wagers. It has also introduced a 50% bonus for up to Ksh 5000 for new users. They mean business.

5. Supabets

What’s with the dated web design? Are we back in 2005?

Founded in South Africa, it has become of the most beloved and reliable sportsbooks on the continent. New users are welcomed with a 100% bonus with their first deposit of up to RSA 10,000 ($800).

The most popular sports in the platform include Football, basketball, tennis and baseball. What stands out from Supabets is how they give you stats on previous games before you place your wager which helps the player to make wise (or at least reasonable) choices.

Also, it’s web design is dated. It’s not that appealing.

Which betting platform do you use? Tell us why you use that specific platform in the comment section below.

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