Top 5 Wine-Producing Countries in Africa 2019

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The drink made from fermented grape has been in existence since the Biblical times. It was the preferred drink to have at social gatherings; the same is true today. Heck, Jesus turned water into wine didn’t he? But we aren’t being mysterious in this article. We are looking at the top 5 wine-producing countries in Africa.

5. Madagascar

  • Production in tonnes: 8,350

The island produces more than 7.5 million liters (two million gallons) of wine each vintage, most of which comes from vineyards located on the central plateau. Grape varieties often used include Petit-BouschetChambourcin and Villard Blanc.  

4. Tunisia

  • Production in tonnes: 21,500

Despite being a predominantly Muslim country, the wine industry here makes over 40 million liters of wine per year. Tourists are otherwise responsible for around 50 percent of consumption in the country while the rest is exported. Vineyards in Tunisia cover around 14,000 hectares (34,500 acres) of the country. Around 80 percent lie with the Cap Bon region, and almost two-thirds are controlled by the co-operative group Les Vignerons de Carthage. 

3. Morocco

  • Production in tonnes: 37,000

Today 30,000 acres of land in Morocco contribute to wine production and Morocco sells over 40 million bottles within Morocco and abroad. Just like Tunisia, Moroccans do not drink alcohol due to religious prohibitions. What they do instead is provide a home to groups of ex-patriots and foreigners from France, England, America, Spain, Germany and Italy who enjoy healthy alcohol consumption. Beni Sadden, Beni Zerhoune and Guerrouane, Appellations of Meknès are particularly popular for its red wines.

2. Algeria

  • Production in tonnes: 52,000

Don’t you find it funny that these Islam dominated countries are producing wine which they don’t consume? It’s quite funny. Algeria has a remarkably extensive area under vine. This vast acreage is mostly the product of Algeria’s colonial occupation by France in the latter half of the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century. The main wine producing areas are located in the provinces of Aïn Témouchent, Mascara, Mostaganem, Sidi Bel Abbès and Tlemcen.

1. South Africa

  • Production in tonnes: 1,146,006

There are currently 94 545 hectares of vines producing wine grapes are under cultivation in South Africa over an area some 800 kilometres in length. White varieties constitute 55.2% of the plantings for wine, with Chenin Blanc comprising 18.6% of the total. Red-wine varieties account for 44.8% of the national vineyard. 

Would you try out some wine from these countries? Let us know.

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