Top 6 Side Hustles That Will Help Pay Your Bills In Nairobi

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Living in the big city of Nairobi can be expensive. Given that the standards of living have gone up, surviving on one source of income isn’t a good idea at all. What then? A side hustle is what will supplement your cash flow and make life in the big town more tolerable. Which side hustles should you consider? These are the top 6 side hustles that will help pay your bills in Nairobi.

Please note that side jobs are just like regular jobs; they don’t come easy. You have to put in the work for you to get the desired results.

6. Freelance writing

This is similar to blogging; the difference is that you don’t have any contract with a site. You write as a guest blogger or as a columnist. The only problem is that you have to be good enough for your article to be accepted and the job isn’t stable in the long run.

My advise is for you to do it as a fun activity rather than as your source of your daily bread.

5. Food Delivery

Most people nowadays are working endlessly in their offices; giving them no time to go for lunch. You can take advantage of this by offering food delivery services to these offices. This idea would work well with someone who’s a good cook. They have a greater chance of attracting more regular customers. Besides, who doesn’t love good food?

4. Blogging

This is what I personally do. So, if you have the knack for writing like Bizokulu or focus on a particular niche, say music, blogging isn’t a bad idea. The initial investment is needed first i.e. buying a website domain, paying for a hosting service and pay someone to design your website. That is if you can’t do it yourself.

Once that is done with, you can apply for advertising on your blog. You can do this with Google or reach out to sponsors who will finance some blog posts. There is, however, a catch. You need to get a lot of views for you to make decent cash out of it.

3. Babysitting

It sounds taxing but it’s something you could do for your free time. There are very many parents who are looking for reliable people to take care of their children and if you’re one of them put your pride aside you could get paid for taking care of children.

Look on the bright side, babies are innocent little creatures. You could have a good time staying with them. Who knows?

2. Online Business

Most sales in today’s businesses are made online. So, if you have a product you want to sell, the internet is going to be your helping hand. Social media platforms are the best places to get your products exposed to millions of people.

Make sure your products are the real deal and always attend to your customers as soon as possible. This will increase your chances of attracting other potential customers. Also, don’t be afraid to spend a little cash on advertising.

1. Taxi Service

There are three ways you can go about this. Option A: You have a car and you would like to make money out of it. You can register it to an online taxi service like Uber or Little Cab and make some cash during your free time.

Option B: You don’t have a vehicle but someone does and wants to hire a driver to be making those trips. You can opt in and get your fair share of the money from the trips. The only disadvantage is that you won’t make as much money as compared to Option A. But, you aren’t incurring any vehicle expense in this option.

Option C: You don’t have a vehicle but the online taxi service can give you a car which is paid for periodically. At the end of the paying period, the vehicle becomes yours. So, you’ll benefit having more cash and a vehicle. Not so bad.

Which other side hustles do you know of that make good money? Share with us in the comments section.

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