Top 7 Companies Reginald Mengi Owned

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Tanzanian billionaire and philanthropist Reginald Mengi, has been reported dead earlier today in Dubai at the age of 75 years. Radio One, a radio stations he owned, reported the breaking news. Reginald Mengi leaves behind a wife, Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe-Mengi and two sons and his investment group, IPP.

IPP group of companies, founded by Reginald, traces its roots back to 1980 and has since been able to create and manage several other companies. Here is a look at the companies Reginald Mengi owned via IPP.

7. Infocom Technologies Limited

IPP incorporated the company in 2001 as an IT Consultant and Management services company. It provides IT solutions by designing, developing and providing market effective and sustainable solutions for organizations of all types and sizes.

INFOCOM TECHNOLOGIES endeavors to promote Tanzania’s potential as a major Information Technology Centre. Lead and inspire other players in the region to promote their capabilities by participating in the global information era. 

6. Bonite Bottlers Limited (BBL)

The company is a leading manufacturer of Coca Cola beverages and also produces bottled water under the brand name “Kilimanjaro”. It directly employs over 1,000 people and is one of the largest private employers in Northern Tanzania.

5. IPP Resources Limited

The company’s corporate strategy is based on acquiring mineral assets, exploring and mining. Its interests are in the following minerals:

  • Gold
  • Tanzanite
  • Colten
  • Iron
  • Graphite

4. Energy Tanzania Limited

It is an investment engine for IPP’s interests in oil and gas exploration in Tanzania. The company entered into a definitive agreement with Swala Oil and Gas for an initial investment of $30 million in December 2018. This deals seeks to help Swala help address the energy demands of Tanzania as it seeks to grow into a middle-income economy.

3. East Africa Television Limited

I’m sure you have seen EATV before in your channel list. EATV is a free to air television station uniting Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda that targets the vibrant and growing youth market of age group 18-35 years.

The channel’s programming covers a variety of issues from news, current affairs, lifestyle, entertainment and social facets. EATV also owns a radio channel by the name East Africa radio.

2. Independent Television Limited

ITV is Free to Air and a pioneer in the television industry on the Tanzania mainland. ITV has distinguished itself by providing content that is relevant to viewers, and has been recognised as a super brand by the Super Brands Councils and Consumers which is headquartered in the UK.

More than 75% of ITV’s programming is in Kiswahili and focuses on local issues and events thus enabling Tanzanian viewers to relate to the content. The highlight of ITV’s programming is its news which covers issues and events arising from all over the country filed by its own news reporters and correspondents.

1. The Guardian Limited

The media company currently publishes two daily newspapers. The Guardian and Nipashe, and four weeklies.The Guardian on Sunday and Nipashe Jumapili are published on Sundays, while Taifa Letu is published on Fridays and Sema Usikike on Mondays. The English-language publications target corporate customers, while Kiswahili ones are meant for the larger public and cater for all age groups. 

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