Top 9 Tallest Buildings in Africa 2019

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These are the tallest buildings you can find on the continent. While they are not as tall as the Burj Khalifa, we can still pride ourselves having these skyscrapers. Here are the top 9 tallest buildings in Africa.

9. Pearl Dawn

Pearl Dawn - Tallest Buildings Africa
  • Country: South Africa
  • Pinnacle Height: 152 m

This skyscraper is found in Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal. The 31 story-building was completed in 2008.

8. Marble Towers

Marble Towers - Tallest Buildings Africa
  • Country: South Africa
  • Pinnacle Height: 152 m

The Marble Towers is a skyscraper in the Central Business District of Johannesburg, South Africa. It was built in 1973 and is 32 storeys tall. The tower is in use as commercial offices.

7. PSPF Towers (A & B)

PSPF Towers - Tallest Buildings Africa
  • Country: Tanzania
  • Pinnacle Height: 153 m

PSPF Twin Towers are a 35-storey high skyscrapers meant for office space, retail stores and parking garage, located in Dar Es Salaam in Tanzania. The Towers are divided into Tower A and Tower B. Construction of the high-rises started in 2011, and it was completed in 2014, whereby the end of 2015 the Towers were officially open for business.

6. Tanzania Ports Authority HQ

  • Country: Tanzania
  • Pinnacle Height: 157 m

The 35-storey building is currently the tallest building in the country and was built by the Estim Construction. It was completed in 2015 and serves

5. NECOM House

  • Country: Nigeria
  • Pinnacle Height: 160 m

Formerly known as NITEL Tower (and before that, NET Building), the skyscraper was completed in 1979 and has 32 floors. It is the tallest building to date in West Africa.

4. UAP Tower

  • Country: Kenya
  • Pinnacle Height: 163 m

This is a 33-storey office complex in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi. It became the tallest structure in Kenya upon its completion in 2015, surpassing Times Tower which had held that record for 15 years. UAP Tower’s reign as the tallest building in Kenya didn’t last for long (as we shall see later).

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3. Ponte City Apartments

  • Country: South Africa
  • Pinnacle Height: 173 m

This skyscraper, located in Berea, Johannesburg was built in 1975. It is the tallest residential skyscraper in Africa. The 55-storey building is cylindrical, with an open centre allowing additional light into the apartments.

2. Britam Tower

  • Country: Kenya
  • Pinnacle Height: 200 m

It is a commercial building in Nairobi owned by British-American Investments Company (Britam). It has 32 usable floors and features a unique prismic shape. Britam Tower is currently the tallest building in Kenya.

1. Carlton Centre

  • Country: South Africa
  • Pinnacle Height: 223 m

This skyscraper and shopping centre is located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. It has been the tallest office building since 1973. The Carlton Centre has 50 floors.

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