Top Ten women who are changing the Game in Kenya in 2019

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Beauty and brains is the true definition of Kenyan ladies. In 2019 ladies have upped their game and now they are getting served at the royal table.  Mountain movers and pace setters have been celebrated and here are some ladies who are doing incredible jobs at changing the game:


This is one bubbly woman who is Kenya by storm.  She has been known for the revolutionary dance with Chiki on Citizen T at 5.30 in the morning every weekday. She brought the exercise routine on TV and it has simply become a phenomenal and trendy strategy for so many other stations who followed suit soon after.

She is an enthusiast for wellness and has been named as a say it as it kinda girl. She hosts a free dance session in beautiful spaces like the K1 club in Westland?s an experience that has left many in awe of her passion for wellness.

Gorgeous Chiki

9. Jane Mukami

Bubbly Jane Mukami

This phenomenal woman has been commonly known as the fit Kenyan girl. She has caused storms in the keeping fit area by bringing solutions for weight loss. Her famous detox plan has been taken up by many and if Kenya is any healthier then Jane Mukami has some victory in all of it. she has an answer for everyone from the breastfeeding mums to just normal people of both genders and all ages trying to lose weight.

8. Betty Kyalo

Well, well look who made the list. She has been the epitome of beauty in so many areas. From having the strength to weather all the jabs that life throws at her. Well you know betty has been through it all but she has emerged victorious. In 2019 she is not making headlines for her beauty, her baby daddy, fighting with a friend about posh palace or asking for child support no. she has changed the game the biggest TV show in Kenya now is run by Betty. ?Weekend with Betty? who just turned 30 this year.

7. Kanze Dena

We should be talking about her wedding probably but not today. She is the epitome of beauty and brains. She was in Citizen and left for a higher calling. A position that women have not occupied before. She has been known now as the first lady to be state house spokesperson in this country. We are proud of you Kanze. Go gal.

6. Lulu Hassan

We all were glued at the television as the year began to see Lulu and her husband Rashid bring to us the news beautifully.  She is a first of a kind the way she bounced back after the giving birth of a child just recently and taking back her position on the station with the husband is phenomenal. She gives the show with Bi Msafari meaning because we see an example of family on TV.

5. Carolyn Wanjiku Tharau

You probably are wondering who that is well who else other than teacher Wanjiku. The famous mama wa john bully. She has us cracking up. In a male dominated carrier she has beaten the odds and stood the test of time. She is the best we got. This year she organised a female studded comedy show at KICC that was a success. We see you teacher Wanjiku lifting girls and giving them a platform.

4. Talia Oyando

This is one woman who has made knowing and moving to reggae tunes be cool. Well is she not the true example of you can have fun at work and live your life to the fullest. She can do it all literally. She has a wonderful son that she spends time with and also does tremendous work on both Radio and TV. The famous show One love on Citizen every citizen is one that is to behold. Body goals and living healthy is a thing we won?t forget about Talia.

3. Amina Abdi

Ok. Where do we start with this Queen? She is a international Mc who has been known to light and grace events attended by royalties. She is the host of Kenya?s biggest Friday show on NTV, The Trend. She also has a show on Capital F.M. I have no picture in my head that Amina is not smiling. She oozes positivity wherever she goes. She is recently on a campaign that we are equal and fighting for the place of the girls in the society. She is supporting the pads initiative by King Kaka too. she is for every good course. A vigilant mother and wife. We celebrate you Amina for redefining the game.

2. Anerlisa Mugai

The beauty has so many achievements but her most phenomenal is weight loss. The super talented business lady who has her water company up and running is so good in focusing and growing the business she invests in. she talked about body shaming because she was a bit heavy but now she has changed the game. she is now healthy and on top of it she is helping others do the same. She has come up with a weight loss app with locally available meals that gives the public ease for use.

  1. Akothee

Madam boss, call police on her or not she still making moves that no one is yet to. This phenomenal woman picks random children and takes them to school fully sponsored for like she did this year. Even recently when the cry for hunger in Turkana was realised she was among the first to hear it. she has redefined single motherhood by working hard and putting up business all over the country. She is the owner of Akothee safaris. It was beautiful to see how she values farming and how she interacts with her employees on weekend with Betty. She has been through it all but she doesn?t want anybody to follow in her bad mistakes so we are going to pick the good and celebrate a woman who had been doomed for failure but like a phoenix she rose.

Who else do you think is doing an amazing job at being great? Do you agree with this article? Leave a comment below and check out more of our blogs.

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